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Welcome soldier,

Unfortunately, Electronic Arts has shut down 'Battlefield Play4Free' on the July 15th 2015 around 15:00 o'clock (UTC+1).

Due to that fact, we have started this project, including a petition, which will last until July 1th 2015, in order to collect as many signatures as possible.

Once we have reached the petiton's deadline, we are going to send the collection of all signatures to Electronic Arts to show them, that there are still many people who are interested in playing and supporting this game.

At this point, we want to express our gratitude towards all of our Partners and Supporters, who aim to help us as much as possible.

We are aware of the fact, that this petition is likely not to be successful in changing Electronic Arts mind, but at least we need to try to do so.


Spread the word in order to save our beloved game!



The best you can do is to sign the petition: HERE >>

How else can I help saving Battlefield Play4Free ?

- spread the word on Facebook, Google+ or other social network sites and don't forget to tell your friends, family and other real life people

- Write „/signed“ or „/supporter“ under the german or english thread in the official Battlefield Play4Free forums, keeping
          the threads alive and on top

- You are a Battlefield Play4Free server owner ? - Name it „www.save-bfp4f.com supporter“
          in order to make people come here and sign the petition

- Use our banners to show people you support the project:           Banner #1


We would like to thank all of our staff, supporters and helpers!

Staff & Supporter:

Nolfer4Ever (project manager) >>               BrainDefect (other) >>               Playaholika (other) >>              
JType (design & layout) >>               Legacy (other) >>               DerMaxiLetsPlayt (other) >>              

Official Supporter:

Battlefield Play4Free League >>               Destroyer Clan Germany >>              
Deutsche Zockerfreunde >>               KillerKings >>              

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